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Use above Promo codes for Home Again to avail discounts and offers on their products and services. Hurry up! Use now and save big! Did you know, each year more than 10 million pet dogs and cats get lost? Nope, we aren’t making up facts. American Humane Association in its latest report has disclosed this deeply unsettling fact.

In other words, one in three American families comes across situations where their pets go missing. And imagine having no pet protection, identification or ID microchips in place- would only make the matters worse!

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Home Again Promo Codes & Discount Coupons [ EXPIRED ]

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  • BILLME: This coupon code is applicable only for US-based customers. This code can be used to avail 10% discount on membership renewal.
  • Offers On Membership: There are offers available on membership right now. You can avail membership at only $ 17.99 per year. This offer is inclusive of registration of pet microchips of any brand.
  • Up to 25% Off: You can avail up to 25% Discount on pet products, such as, pet tags, collars, bags, accessories etc.
  • HOME10: Use this promo code to avail 10% Discount on Home Again website. Grab the offer fast, as the coupon may expire soon.
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What Is All About?

home again promo codes couponsHomeAgain is a complete 360-degree pet safety, recovery, and protection service provider company, which ensures your pet lives a long, secure and healthy life with you. If you love your pets dearly, this is the ultimate litmus test to prove you care deeply.

Home Again is a sort of indirect insurance, wherein you can relax for having made the perfect choice for your lovely pooch, cat, rabbit, guinea, cockatoo etc.

Home Again has successfully reunited over 2 Million pets with their owners, bringing lots of smiles back and wiping tears away. Every over 10,000 pets are rescued by them.

Pets are family. Even the thought of losing our pets sends a shiver down the spine! But can you be sure of what your pet does or where it goes 24* 7* 365? Nobody can, as it requires keeping your pets under a strong vigil all night and day long, which frankly speaking, is a bit unfair to them too.

Pets are sneaky cute devils that sure will have their own fun time. As a responsible pet parent, you can ensure their safety to prevent potential missing or lost pet scenarios.

This is where Home Again steps in- ensuring your pet’s safety round the clock.

What Are The Services Home Again Provide? 

HomeAgain is a trustworthy reputed brand that offers all-inclusive pet services, including, pet microchips, lost pet specialists, rapid lost pet alerts, emergency medical hotline, travel assistance for lost pets found, finding nearest vet etc. It isn’t just a pet microchip provider company; they offer complete assistance in the wake of lost pets. You can read hundreds of lost pet found stories on their website that sure will move you to tears.

What Are The Products Offered By Home Again For Your Pets ?

Apart from directly microchipping pets, Home Again offers some microchip enabled smart products, like microchip pet doors, microchip food bowls/ feeders, personalized collar tags etc. You can purchase these smart products online from their shop.

Microchip pet doors give your dog and cat the freedom to enter and exit, into garden or backyard, as per their own will. All you have to do is, outfit the microchipped dog/ cat with a personalized flap (fitted with a paired microchip of course). This microchip pairing allows your pet to act as a unique door key to the flap.

In other words, whenever your pet is near the flap, the microchips pair and the flap opens for your pet to come or go- as they please. Alternatively, you can also decide on the timings when flap would be open or close. Sort of curfew hours, just like we have for rowdy teenagers! This also keeps stray dogs and cats away from your home.

Smart pet feeders (microchipped) also work the same way as microchipped pet doors. The feeder would open only for the pet whose microchip it pairs with. Thereby, it keeps children and other pets away from accessing the wrong food. No more cats and dogs fighting over who ate from whose bowl! Also, you can easily monitor your pet’s diet and make sure, in case of a sick pet, he/she gets to eat his/her food properly without other pets stealing away its food.

Personalized collar tags contain your pet’s name and microchip number engraved in it, in case the pet goes missing.

How Does Home Again Pet Protection Program Work ?

Home Again pet protection program works in two-fold steps:

The first step: You get a tiny microchip having a unique identification number and a professional (generally a vet) inserts this microchip, via a small syringe, between the shoulder blades of your dog or cat. Will this process hurt your dog or cat? Most likely, your dog/ cat would not even notice it much if you keep them distracted. There is slight un-comfort just equivalent to getting yearly vaccine shots. 99.99% of the time anesthetics aren’t required at all.

So, does the microchip cause un-comfort or feel uneasy in the long run? Not at all! The microchip is the size of a small rice grain, approx 12mm. After it has been inserted, your pet wouldn’t even know it exists inside its body. You can also register the microchip number online through their website. Home Again pet microchip is a patented technology with anti-migration feature and is one of its kind products in the market. Anti-migration feature of the pet microchip ensures that it stays in place and doesn’t get displaced, thus, making it easily locatable and scanned quickly.

Home Again Promo Codes 2021

This pet identification microchip last forever and remains with your pet during its entire life, as it itself has no internal energy source; neither does it require one. The microchip number becomes your pet’s ID and is easily readable under a microchip scanner. Can the scanner harm your pet in any way? Absolutely not! The scanner identifies microchip number by emitting a low radio frequency. This low radio frequency powers the chip and it becomes readable in return.

The second step: Now, consider a scenario where, God forbid, your pet dog/ cat gets lost. The pet carries microchip with a unique id that animal shelters, rescuers and vets can easily read under a scanner. This id when matched with Home Again’s national online database of pet IDs (available on their website) would easily reveal your name and contact information, thereby reuniting you with your pet.

Why HomeAgain is Unique and Special For Pet Lovers?

  • HomeAgain issue newsletter for pet parents with dozens of safety tips, grooming guide and dietary guidelines. Reunion stories, published regularly through their dedicated columns, can melt even the strongest hearts.
  • They don’t just offer microchips. They literally volunteer themselves in service for your pet’s safety.
  • You can easily find vet medical services nearby, anytime. Ideal when you are moving between cities, relocating or on a vacation.
  • Over 500,000 volunteers who help in rescuing lost/ missing pets.
  • State of the art facilities and world-class pet services/ products.
  • 24*7 Emergency Hotline in case of poisoning or any such emergencies. Animal Poison Control Center, ASPCA, veterinarians to assist in emergencies.


HomeAgain is a complete pet safety and lifestyle store that ensures your pet is safe and secure always. They do not take this up as a job; rather they consider this as a responsibility!

Hope all the coupon codes are working fine. In case you find out anything got removed or expired please let us know through your comments.

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