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Petco Grooming Coupon [03/2024]- Huge Savings [Upto 30% OFF]

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Petco Grooming Coupon

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About Petco Grooming

petco grooming coupons discounts

Petco is a retailer based in the United States that is primarily known for selling pet-related products as well as services for different types of animals. Although it is more like a “Walmart” for your pets in that it provides pet food, apparel, grooming supplies, medicines and so on.

Petco also offers services like grooming, dog training, pet insurance, pet sitting or walking, adoptions and more. With a vision to promote and enhance the welfare of pets across USA, Petco has devoted decades of its service to contribute to keeping pets physically healthy as well as mentally well and socially engaged.

Petco grooming is one of the most popular services provided by Petco. This service is mainly catered towards dogs but Petco has specialists for grooming cats as well. One can avail the service through a selection from a numbers of packages such as:

  1. Full-service Dog Bath: This package will include washing the dog with a natural shampoo, blow-drying after the bath, cleaning the ears, gland expression, a brush-out for 15 minutes as well as a nail trim. The packaged service is concluded with a scented spritz.
  2. Full-service Dog Bath with Haircut: This package includes everything in the former package with an addition of a haircut and styling that best suits the dog breed.
  3. Full-service Cat Packages: This package includes a special grooming session for cats with Petco stylists who specialize in cat grooming.
  4. A La Carte/ Walk-in services: This package includes the services that you can avail separately or independently without making any prior appointments. This may include nail buffing, trimming, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, gland expression, paw balm, nail polish or flea and tick topical. Walk-in services also offer mini makeovers where the dogs can be pampered from fur to paw at only 25 bucks!

Most of these packages do not have any specific pricing plans because each dog breed is different when it comes to their size, weight and fur length or type. Hence, the groomers themselves determine the prices for these full-service packages upon inspection of the dog and inform the owner beforehand.

Owners can also include some upgrades such as:

  1. Bath and Grooming: Within the full-service grooming packages, owners can add upgrades like teeth brushing, fur trim, shampoo or conditioner selection, facial, nail polish or even just a few extra minutes of brushing!
  2. Skin/Itch: This may include upgrades in regards to the type of shampoo to be used for the bath. The Shampoo selection offers choices among tea tree and aloe shampoo, flea shampoo or aloe-oat shampoo.
  • Deshedding: This solution package is more of a full-service upgrade that includes removal of loose undercoat, bathing with shed-reducing shampoo, thorough bush-out followed by a hydrating treatment with aloe.
  1. Any 3 package: This is a more flexible package that includes a bath with shampoo and conditioner along with the option to choose any three of the optional services like breath refresh, nail buffing, paw balm, teeth brushing, facial, trimming, nail polish or extra brushing minutes.
  2. Express service: This upgrade package is more suitable for senior dogs or puppies since it consists of blow-drying by hand without any kennel-dryer time.

If you don’t like any of these packages, you have the option to consult with one of the Petco stylists to come up with a separate personalized plan for your pet.

How to Get Started

It’s incredibly easy to avail the grooming services from Petco. You simply have to go through the following steps:

  1. Book Appointment: You can either visit Petco’s official website to clock the “Book Appointment” button for a full service or call the saloon to set it up. Petco also offers the option to provide a free consultation with any stylist upon walking into the salon.
  2. Check-in: Petco values the safety of pets above all and so, its stylists always begin the grooming session with a thorough 7-point Pet Care check. This is the process of screening the dog or cat by analyzing its eyes, ears, teeth, nose, skin, and nails to identify any aspect that can be concerning.
  3. Brush and clip: This step involves an initial brush-out as well as a shave for dogs that have thicker coats of fur.
  4. Bath: Bathing is the part where the groomers will gently scrub your dog with shampoo and conditioner to get rid of any dirt and to reveal a squeaky-clean and silky-smooth do right before the actual grooming begins.
  5. Dry: Groomers will then dry the dog using any of the variety of methods that include towel drying, air-drying, non-heated dryer or kennel dryers based on what the dog is comfortable and safe with.
  6. Haircut: The real transformation occurs when the stylists take over and snip down the fur coat based on the dog’s breed and style.

How to Save Big on Petco Grooming Prices

Who doesn’t like the fresh and happy look on their dog’s face right after a grooming session? A visit to Petco Grooming with your dog is like taking it out for a mini spa. Unfortunately, grooming services at Petco aren’t cheap. And so, using discount coupons or promotional deals is the best way to save a lot of money while also making your dog happy!

The Petco Grooming salon offers a variety of options to help you save money on pampering your dog. Every month, Petco grooming offers special grooming sessions for a limited period of time that you can avail. Besides that, it is also easy to browse all the available offers online, in-store or from external links. The official website of Petco itself features a number of promotions, discounts and deals – all within one place.

There is also a website titled Petco Grooming Coupons ( that regularly updates and features all available coupons for the Petco grooming salon. So, if you’re planning to indulge your pet with a pamper package, you can always head over to this website to find new coupons for use.

A proper grooming schedule is essential for your pet’s overall wellbeing. And Petco’s stylists offer the best grooming services for dogs and cats that suit their needs the best. So, be sure to make an appointment with Petco grooming salon every now and then. Even if you have a tight budget or more than one dog, you can simply look for the deals, promos, and coupons to save money and have a squeaky-clean and silky-soft pet!


Petco’s grooming service stands apart due to its reliability, convenience as well as affordability. And most importantly, it guarantees 100% satisfaction for you and your pet both.

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