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About ChowNow

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In this age of modernization and creative use of technology to make lives easier, has blossomed into one of the most popular and user-friendly online food ordering platforms.

Based in Los Angeles, California, ChowNow was one of the first online food ordering systems to target local restaurants that needed a partner to handle the delivery.

As many restaurants are finding out, consumers appreciate fast service, which often comes in the form of food delivery.

Since many restaurants are not able to accommodate this need independently, hundreds have turned to ChowNow to fulfill those needs while providing excellent food to their online customers and maintaining a high level of service for those who choose to come in the door.

As thousands of customers find out each year, ChowNow has been making life a little bit easier for both consumers and small businesses for years, and have become a regional favorite in the process.

How Did They Start?

The story of ChowNow is one that is typical in the modern business climate. They were founded in 2011 by Christopher Webb. Webb wasn’t an inexperienced entrepreneur, and he had worked at both RBC Bank and Lehman Brothers, meaning he also wasn’t a stranger to finance.

This background led to a promising start as he also recruited Eric Jaffe to the team. Jaffe is an experienced real estate investor, putting the finishing touches on a well-rounded team of founders.

When you examine the founders’ background, it becomes easy to see why ChowNow has been so successful and why they understand the needs of the marketplace so well.

In January of 2013, ChowNow received funding in the form of $4 million from a mixture of angel investors and a reputable incubator in Los Angeles.

It raised an additional $10 million in another round of investing as popularity of the new startup increased, which eventually led to a Series B investing round of $20 million. All told, the total amount invested in ChowNow then stood at about $40 million.

The list of investors is lengthy and full of reputable firms, bolstering the public image and giving ChowNow all the tools it needed to become a legitimate company with the potential for massive revenue.

A period of steady growth and development occurred until 2016 when ChowNow agreed to partner with Uber and Postmates in an effort to improve its services. This was branded as the Flex Delivery Service.

In another stroke of innovation, ChowNow introduced a brand new feature later in the same year by enabling users to place their food orders directly from a SERP (search engine result page). This meant that you could look up a restaurant on Google and place an order all without leaving the results page.

ChowNow wasn’t done there, though. They had a vision of an entire suite of business tools for restaurants to use. They teamed up with Squarespace to deliver that vision by giving their clients the power to enable online ordering and manage their website all-in-one platform.

They’ve also expanded ordering capabilities to allow users to place an order for food directly from the Instagram profile of a restaurant.

From the time they have started until present-day, ChowNow has consistently shown that they are an innovator in the online ordering and small business space and that they will continue to find ways for their users and clients to benefit from their suite of tools and services.

How Does ChowNow Work?

Never used ChowNow before? No worries! We’ll walk you through it. The first thing to understand is that it is a platform that lets you order from your favorite restaurants.

These are probably going to be restaurants that previously just allowed dine-in or carryout and didn’t have the infrastructure to allow for delivery. Now that ChowNow provides infrastructure, you can order online from your favorite restaurants regardless of whether they originally offered delivery or not.

ChowNow allows you to order from your restaurants via mobile app, website, or social accounts. You simply place an order from one of these three platforms, pay for the service, and your food gets delivered to you!

Once you place your order, the restaurant gets a notification of that order and begins to make it. They send it out with a ChowNow driver and it gets delivered to you as soon as possible. This is a wonderful service for those who want restaurant-quality food without having to actually go in and sit at a table to get it.

By being a ChowNow customer, you’ll also get more access to exclusive deals & discounts–but more on that later!

ChowNow Services

ChowNow offers a wide variety of services to both consumers and businesses. Whether you are a consumer looking for an easier way to get your food delivered or a business looking to expand to the delivery market, ChowNow can help you out.

Let’s break down their services by their target audience. First, we’ll start with consumers:


As a customer, you have more options with ChowNow than you have with perhaps any other online ordering service.

For starters, you can order on the website of any restaurant that participates in the ChowNow delivery system. This has opened up ways to get your favorite food delivered to you instead of having to physically enter the restaurant or get carryout, which can take hours if you take traffic into consideration.

By using the ChowNow delivery system, the world is now at your fingertips when it comes to local food options. Simply place an order through the website of your desired restaurant and you can get it delivered within minutes.

Another ordering option that ChowNow offers is the ability to order your food through the social media profiles of your favorite restaurants.

Have you ever been surfing the photos of your favorite restaurant’s social media pages and wishing that you had some right then? Now, you can quickly and easily act on that urge.

Simply order through their Facebook or Instagram and you’ll shortly have your favorite food at your door on command.

With the branded apps that ChowNow now offers to its clients, you can also order from the app of your desired restaurant.

If you find website clunky or you don’t have access to a laptop at the moment, you can order from your phone in the easiest way possible.

The apps that ChowNow creates for its clients are easy to use and intuitive, so you won’t forget food items or extras that you want to have.

The final way to order with ChowNow is something that really separates them from the pack. With their latest rollout, you can now order directly from Google search results.

For busy professionals, this is the easiest way to order food quickly. In the past, you’d have to Google your restaurant, pull up their website, and then call or submit a form to order.

Now, you can skip those last steps which really bog you down and make the ordering process unpleasant. You can place an order right from Google results to save time and frustration.


ChowNow doesn’t just provide the easiest possible way to order for consumers, they are also a full suite of business tools that are designed to bring many small restaurants into the modern times and give them the tools they need to compete in an intense business environment.

They do this by offering many services that fill needs that many restaurants wouldn’t otherwise be able to fill with their limited infrastructure and capital resources.

ChowNow offers website design, mobile design, app design, and full integration with existing websites to their restaurants that participate in the program.

These are highly valuable services to small businesses, and ChowNow helps to create branded online properties that drive conversion and put an emphasis on ease-of-use.

This benefits the consumer by giving them an easy way to order from restaurants that they love and it benefits the business by giving them the tools they need to grow their business.

To finish it all off, ChowNow has partnered with local drivers, other software companies, and the restaurants themselves to deliver food items quickly and reliably with their delivery service.

For many small restaurants, delivery probably seemed like a distant dream not so long ago. With ChowNow, it’s been made a reality.

Restaurants can now proudly provide delivery services to their loyal customers and make it easier for everyone involved.

Financial obligations and lack of logistical knowledge are no longer barriers to the success of these small businesses and those benefits have a ripple effect throughout the community.

Saving Money With ChowNow

There are a variety of ways that you can save money when you use ChowNow to facilitate ordering and delivery:

  • For the consumers, there are several benefits that come from using ChowNow, and we are going to outline each one to allow you to maximize your financial benefits when using the service. They say that time is money. If this is true, then delivery is the best way to save money with ChowNow. Having a reliable delivery service saves you countless time and allows you to either sit at home and relax your evening or continue to do work, depending on the time of day. You know that your time is valuable, so how much of it are you willing to spend navigating traffic and fighting crowded sidewalks just to get your dinner?
  • The second way that you can save money with ChowNow is by participating and being aware of the specials that your restaurants put on from time to time. By being connected via this app and community, you can be more aware of sales and specials that your restaurants are currently running and you’ll be more able to time your purchases to align with them to save some money. Being more plugged in to your favorite places to get food provides immense benefit to both you and the restaurants that love to serve you.
  • The final way you can save money is by using a ChowNow promo code. These promo codes can be hard to track down, but if you do, you can save huge amounts of money on your order. Whether you are ordering for just yourself or your entire family, these savings really add up and provide you with a unique opportunity to get your favorite food for a whole lot less, even when factoring in delivery fees and tips. Luckily, we provide a great way to find these promo codes and special offers.

The best way to save money with ChowNow, of course, is to combine all three of these. If you can find a promo code for ChowNow, save time with delivery, and time your purchase with a restaurant sale or special, you really maximize your savings potential and put yourself in a good spot to get your favorite food delivered right to your door and save money while doing it. If you value your time and money, ChowNow is a wonderful solution for you to use.


Coming from relative obscurity and humble beginnings as a startup, ChowNow has now built itself into a formidable company that has a lot of power to help both businesses and consumers in their mission to make food delivery more feasible and affordable for all parties involved. Whether you are a consumer or a restaurant, ChowNow has made a concerted effort to build a solution for you to make your life easier.

In a world that is crowded with food delivery options, ChowNow rises above the rest because of its innovative ordering solutions, outstanding integrated technology, and full suite of business tools to make it an appealing partner for both customers and local restaurants with loyal followings.

You should strongly consider using ChowNow the next time that you need local food delivered for its ease of use, timely delivery, and support for local businesses. When it does come time to order some Chow, be sure to take advantage of all the features, discounts, and promo codes that can make your meal as affordable as possiblle.

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