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Mr Gattis Coupons For Pizza Menu [03/2024]- Save Big!

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Love pizza? Eat some more but without going broke! Well, let’s face it- pizza, high-speed Internet and lazy weekend nights! Nothing can break this deadly combo of relaxing peacefully on weekends.

That’s particularly a cheat sheet or rather a getaway, from the chaos of the not- so- perfect world. And Mr. Gattis make it even more worth it with their delicious scrumptious mouth watering pizzas. Not just any other pizza parlous, Mr. Gattis bake pizza with love and affection you sure do need.

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What Is All About?

mr gattis pizza couponsGattis Pizza is a fast food chain renowned for their lip smacking pizzas. Having been in the business since past 47 years, Mr Gattis have carved out a remarkable reputation of their own and have emerged as a popular option for family pizza parties. Their pizzas are original, tasty and filled with the goodness of freshly kneaded dough and real cheese. Their recipes are truly unique brimming with the love they have for their customers.

Afraid that what they might have put in ingredients? Or you are intolerant to lactose? Gattis pizza cares for your health; this is why they take extreme care to declare each and every constituent in their recipes, in full detail. You just need to visit their website and access the list.

In 1964, James Eure established the pizza parlor, originally with the name ‘The Pizza Place’at Stephenville, Texas.  Within the next 5 years, the business flourished and he moved to Austin in 1969. Deeply and madly in love with his wife, James gave the pizza place the new name ‘Mr Gattis’ taking after his wife’s maiden name, as a tribute to her.

Specialty of Mr Gattis lies in the fact that James sweated long hours and worked really hard in mastering the art of pizza making. He did not believe in shortcuts which is evident through his delicious pizza recipes. Each slice of Mr Gattis pizza feels like a slice of heaven, where cheesy deliciousness melts in the mouth making you wonder why it couldn’t last for few more minutes. Your appetite might get satiated but taste buts would keep screaming for some more slices of the cheese filled heaven.


Decades after establishment, Mr Gattis gained the present form in the ear of 80s and 90s, when some buffet stores began featuring ‘class- apart’ game rooms. This was the onset of an evolution that ultimately metamorphosed into the creation of Gattis own. It is a 25,000 square foot superstore that has a 10,000 square foot of space dedicated to a colossal game room, the type of a Midway game space. This was the exact time, when owners of Mr Gattis decided, ‘it is the time to let the world know what we are about- the best pizza place in town…honest’! And they turned out to be indeed- the best pizzas of Austin!

What’s So Special About Mr Gattis Pizza?

Everything! Right from unique taste to tasty recipes literally everything. Mr Gattis pizzas are made from real cheese and not some crazy cheap imitations. No fake cheese or butter, only wholesome ingredients!

Like any upscale food artist, pizzas at Mr Gattis are baked from scratch. The pizza dough is always freshly kneaded, pizza sauce is fresh and fragrant and ingredients are cut fresh. They do not use stale pieces of bread or leftover sauce and topping ingredients. Yeast risen dough, prepared fresh each day and signature tangy pizza sauce makes their pizza truly unique.

Mr Gattis pizzas are an interesting mix of classic tastes, timeless recipes and modern taste palates. Neither age nor gender matters when it comes to enjoying the taste of their pizzas. Young, old, teens- all love their pizzas!

For people suffering from celiac diseases, autoimmune disorders and allergies, Mr Gattis has displayed complete nutritional information about the ingredients used in their pizzas on their website. You can log onto their website to access the complete list.

Did You Know, The Makers of Perfect Pure Pizzas Have an Equally Honest Pure Soul Too?

Mr Gattis is a proud member of local communities and strives to make the neighborhood better. They are committed to supporting neighborhood groups, such as schools, non-profit organizations, youth sports groups, and religious groups. And their best method to support such groups is through fundraising programs.

Hosting fundraising events with Mr Gattis is much more fun, as they support you in your digital campaigns, by providing customized digital marketing stuffs that can be either directly used or printed. It is easy to start any fund raising event with them. Firstly, an official representative from your company must complete their application forms and submit it to them. If there is a slot available, the administration from Mt Gattis will confirm with you the date and time of the event.

The next step is to start marketing your fundraising event. You can invite your relatives, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors to come and eat at Mr Gattis Pizza on the designated fundraiser date and time. Their one such lovely gesture would sure raise money for your noble cause!

The last step is where your company earns money, based upon the sales thus generated by your kind friends and family, who participated in the event and ate at Mr Gattis on the fundraising night. The fund support received through the fundraiser is as per the below table:

  • If you bring in $1-$499, 15% of the sales
  • If you bring in $500-$999, 20% of the sales
  • Also, If you bring in$1,000 or more, 25% of the sales

Isn’t it lovely!

Mr Gattis Menu

Mr Gattis has menu unique to each of their locations. Their menu consists of tasty classic pizzas to local specialties and flavors. They are continuously evolving their menu keeping up with the modern times but without losing their trademark essence. Way to go Gattis!

Tempted by the mention of their tasty pizzas again and again? Here use these Mr Gattis pizza coupons and eat stomach full of scrumptious pizzas. Mr Gattis coupons codes are a gift for gourmand like you!

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Whether it is a birthday party or a lazy weekend lunch pizza order, Gattis Pizza makes sure you get to eat the freshest and tastiest pizzas! They don’t believe in making you wait for special days, hence, avail even more special discounts and offers through the coupons, codes and links we provided above. Make your everyday special with Mr Gattis tasty pizzas. Visit today!

Wait, there is more! Mr Gattis, besides their famous generous fundraising events, has come up with special birthday planner options where you can plan your birthday or surprise your near and dear ones with a special pre booked birthday party at their local Mr Gattis pizza parlour.

Also, did we mention they shall give attractive discounts too? Alternatively, you can also download their app from play store or visit the website to place an online bulk order for your pizza party. In case of special requests, additional toppings or care to be taken for allergens- everything can be mentioned at the checkout counter.

And another thing, they aren’t stingy with extra seasoning. Ask them and they would easily oblige. They know how much you love that pepperoni and oregano seasoning. We can’t stop smiling indeed, it is Gattis pizza after all!

Please do check out our other coupons and keep supporting us by sharing with your friends/families & commenting below.

Happy Deals!

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