Postmates Promo Code For Existing Users [SEP 2023]

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Postmates provides discount codes for new users so as pay less on their order. #Click or Copy Paste below coupon/discount codes:

AFFEATS25SEP – Get $25 off this September with this code.

GXCCJ – Use this code to get FREE SHIPPING with Postmates!

RMN100 – Get $100 in delivery fee credit!

F9TTS – Use this promo code to get 10% off for new and existing users!

**[All Promo Codes Valid Till The End Of SEPTEMBER 2023]

Starting-up with this promo code helps you to save more and also guarantees you a safe transaction. You first need to download their ios or their Android app, or click on Postmates, so as to apply the promo code to your account in the add code column to view the coupon.

Postmates Promo Codes for Existing Users [RECENTLY EXPIRED]

There are different offers from which you can pick from, and are listed below. But unfortunately, all discount codes got expired. Just give a try still. What if it works ?

  • RJUUX – Use this discount code for Postmates at checkout which gives up to a promo code of $15 on deliveries for new users. It is their method of getting new subscribers who haven’t ordered or downloaded their ios or android app!
  • U6MFH – Offers discounts up to $10 off your FIRST order as well as FREE shipping and deliveries!
  • M8JC – Get 10% Off for any orders through Postmates!
  • PBDEJ– Just enter this code on your mobile app [IOS or ANDROID] in “add code” tab and then you will see the delivery fee credits. Striclty for new users only!
  • 6YUKR – Claim this coupon to get FREE Postmate deliveries at your doorstep. Only applied for first-time users!
  • HG1QK – Use this promo code to get 10$ off + FREE delivery on first three orders!

Note: The promo code is only valid for seven (7) days to redeem and place your order after application. To avoid expiration of the code, it is best for you to use the code after you have applied it.

What Is Postmates All About?

postmates discount codes coupons

When looking for one of the top-rated apps in the on-demand landscape, which deals with providing prompt and timely door to door delivery of food, Postmates is the most suitable app for such services. is user-friendly and very easy to use, only for you to just pull out your tablet, pad or smartphone, tap on the app and choose from the variety of foods, place the order for the selected food and expect it at your doorstep in no time.

This app is tested and very reliable, I’ll choose it over the other similar apps. If you’re choosing this service then you’re making the best choice.

Postmates helps you to get almost everything you desire while at your workplace or at home. They operate round the clock throughout the whole year and delivers your order to you within the estimated time.

To get on any of the Postmates platforms, you must first sign up, this can be done by providing your email address and passwords to have an account with them, you will also need to provide your preferred delivery address. Look up for places like restaurants, coffee-shops, bakeries, stores and more within your locality and select depending on need.

How Postmates App Works?

Postmates mobile app is very fast and easy to use. Users using apple branded gadgets can get it from the IOS store while users using other smartphones can get it from the android store. Download and install the app, there are two ways in which you can place your order for food or delivery of other items.

Firstly, choose a place in the store section of the homepage, find or locate your preferred restaurant, store, grocery or bakery. You can do that by clicking on the search icon located on the top page of the screen. Users can also list the items they want and create a custom order. This can also be done if you visit their website.

After making your order Postmates will assign you the super courier. You could acquire the records about your Postmate (courier) which includes her/his picture. Here you may discover what number of deliveries your Postmate has made and his/her contemporary rating.

Staffs and Functioning

Postmates are employed through the use of employer’s Operations crew after an in-depth history test, so you’ll be positive that you may get the excellent carrier. Your gadgets may be delivered by the usage of bikes, scooters, vehicles or trucks, depending on which automobile your Postmate makes use of.

Remember the fact that you cannot select a courier via yourself. Postmates’ dispatch set of regulations takes into an account several factors like car type and rating, to discover the Postmate this is well best for your system

Your order may be delivered within an hour and while you get the products, the entire fee could be charged to your credit score card. All of the bills could be finished thru the Postmates provider consisting of pointers on your courier.

You’ll also get email receipt which includes a photo of the actual receipt that Posmate got in the store. With regards to your expenses, you need to pay for your items and a rate.

The lowest shipping fee is $5 and it relies upon on the distance from pick-up to drop-off. There’s also charge 9% on the purchase price of your order. Based on the entire value. You can additionally add 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% tip to your Postmate.

How to receive Unlimited Membership on Postmates (annual pre-payment)?

There is also an on-going promotion that needs to be considered apart from the first earlier mentioned, this promo helps to cut less on expenses, thereby saving more money.

Postmates Unlimited subscribers get profitable advantages through the company’s set aside pre-paid plan called Postmates Unlimited.

The profitable advantages serve as collateral for their subscriptions, the advantages include:

Free delivery on orders above $20.

Stability in prices of orders and deliveries

Prompt delivery of items like groceries and alcohol regardless of the quantity of the order.

The company also gives a free trial, so as to attract new subscribers. New subscribers also get 30% discount which allows them to pay $6.99 instead of the regular $9.99 monthly fee.

Free Ways to Get Credits From Postmates

There is no or less promo code for existing users unlike the new subscribers, that can easily get Postmates discounts on their first order. There have also been new promo codes generated by them and promoters, but most valid ones are for new subscribers.

Discount code for existing subscribers is mostly for a special offer which is for a limited period of time.

The referral program is the most effective and stress-free method to earn free Postmates credits by using your referral code to bring in new users.

Referral Program

This feature allows you to earn free delivery credits when your family, friends or people around you sign-up using your referral code. You will earn $10 credits immediately a new user sign-up using your referral code, and the new user will also earn a $10 delivery credit upon signing up using your referral code. This feature is to motivate existing members to refer new members.

Where to Find, & Ways of Sharing Your Referral Code?

All active Postmates subscribers have an assigned referral code to their account, to view the referral code, go to the menu in your profile and click on the invite friends icon at the top.

You are allowed to share your referral code as many times as you want, and there are different ways to do that, you can share it through text messages, emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. If you own a website or blog, it is also one of the best avenues to share your referral code.

Referring a great number of new subscribers will help you save a lot of delivery charges, and unlike other similar platforms, that has a limit to how many new subscribers you can refer, Postmates referral code is unlimited.

Seasonal Offers And Local Promotions

Postmates often run local promotions for active users, which saves them money on deliveries and up to $20 on other discounts. To be a part of this great offers, you must always look-out for offers from Postmates or local restaurants, because there is no way to determine when the promotional offers will be. Some also come in the form of seasonal offers, and it also has no stipulated time.

Always visit their site or log-on to the app regularly, you can also subscribe to their newsletter so as to stay on top of all promotional offers.

Online Vouchers

There are also sites and some social media platforms that offer valid promotional codes, examples of such sites are Amazon,, and Retailmenot.

Some promo codes are also not valid which can lead to users wasting their time and money. Users must be careful not to fall victim to such codes from different sites. Some sites even require signing-up, social media sharing and opt-ins, which is frustrating.

Why You Should Make Postmates Your Best Choice?

  • Postmates is easily accessible through your mobile device, and the service is available 24/7 irrespective of your location.
  • You can order and get your meal delivered to you from any coffee shop, bakeries and other restaurants.
  • Also, you can order products and get it delivered to you from any store.
  • You may get hold of your goods at any location you want, your home, office, hospital room or even inside the park. So long as you provide a detailed drop off vicinity description goods, gets to you.
  • You oughtn’t to fear when you don’t have sufficient cash to pay your order and to tip your courier. All may be done through their official app.
  • You could send items to a specific metropolis. This form of delivery can be ordered on Postmates web. Simply make sure which you have entered the proper deal with of in which you’d need the goods to be delivered.
  • You could ensure that your Postmates are superb couriers, the enterprise will conduct a history test, in-individual interview in addition to vital tests earlier than the Postmate is dispatched to the street.
  • You may get your items in much less than an hour however in the case that the delivery is late and it is Postmates fault, they’ll refund the delivery fee.

Available Areas for Postmates Services

Postmates is a delivery service that operates all over the world mostly in the big cities. It currently operates mostly in the major cities in the United States, cities such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago.

Customers in cities such as Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Texas, Phoenix, Portland, as well as Orange County. Postmates will soon be operational in more cities according to their website.

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