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What Is Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable All About?

Revo Uninstaller Pro coupons

Removing an application software program in a Windows PC is not an easy task. Programmers of third-party application programs now use clever programming to beat the program removal tool of Windows.

They leave behind many files and even small hidden programs. The goal is to keep tracking the user even after the main program has been removed from the computer system.

Some programs are not programmed properly and leave behind junk files and folders after the uninstallation.

Windows itself creates many files during the installation and use of a program. Unwanted leftover files can cause different types of problems.

Your computer can slow down and some programs may not function properly. The solution is to use a third party robust uninstaller tool. Make sure you choose the best uninstaller that is compatible with your computer hardware and OS specifications.


Features of Revo Uninstaller

Revo is a well-known name in this area. Its uninstaller program has various features that make it a favorite with Windows PC users:

  •  Revo will help you remove all traces of an application software program from your computer. The clean, complete and permanent removal of unwanted programs improves the efficiency of your computer system. You will see improved speed in computer operations.
  • It is the best uninstaller to remove stubborn programs quickly and easily. The deep uninstallation process is performed in several steps. During this process, this utility will first ask you if you really want to remove all the listed files or leave the ones you will need.
  • Revo Uninstaller performs deep scanning to locate all leftover files. You can remove junk files of one or multiple programs at the same time. Use quick uninstall if you are in a hurry. You are completely in control during the uninstallation process. The program seeks instructions from you at each step so you know which files are being deleted. You can sidestep these instructions if you choose quick uninstall. Use its Hunter Mode to uninstall a program in one click.
  • Revo prepares logs for all installations that have been performed on your computer using it. The logs can be edited, reviewed, exported and imported.



An uninstallation can go wrong for many reasons. Use Revo’s backup system when you want to play it safe. It creates backup files for safe uninstallation of programs. The Pro version of this utility program comes with many additional tools that are very useful. Remove all unnecessary files using its Junk Files Cleaner tool. Clear your Internet browser history so no person having access to your computer can trace your online history.

So, use Autorun Manager to control the way Windows starts up. Its MS Office Cleaner clears the history of Microsoft office usage. Remove all junk files from your computer system using Windows Cleaner. There are various ways to recover deleted files. Use Revo Uninstaller Pro’s Unrecoverable Delete tool to permanently remove unwanted files and folders.

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