Gap Credit Card Login & Gap Card Rewards

Gap Credit Card is one of the recent popular credit cards. If you’re looking for your Gap credit card login guide and want to know more about Gap rewards, you’re at the right place here.

This article is all about Gap card – from guide to reward points, we’ll cover all the information you’re seeking in one piece.

Gap Credit Card Login Page

You can login to your Gap card in the official Gap Card Manage Page. It’s pretty simple and straightforward.

gap credit card login

Here’s the step by step process to login to your Gap Card account.

  • Head to this link to Manage Your Gap Credit Card
  • There on the login page, input your User ID (This ID is case sensitive, so be careful about that)
  • Enter your Gap card account password.
  • Click on the “Secure Login” button below.

You should be logged in as long as you have supplied your correct credentials (User ID and password).

Note: Did you know that you can also pay as a guest without logging in to your account, if you are only looking to make payment against your Gap card?

Gap Card Login Problems & Solutions

You might face some error or problem in logging in to your Gap Card account. There are two main possible reasons for this and let’s see them one by one.

Account Transferred to Barclays System

If there is a problem and you are not able to login despite entering correct User ID and password, here’s a solution.

It’s possible that your Gap Card account may have been transferred to Barclays as it is a Barclays issued card basically. To solve the issue, you can try the Barclays login page here.

There in the login page, follow the same steps as above and you should be able to successfully login to your account.

Incorrect or Forgot your User ID or Password?

If you have forgotten your User ID or Password, don’t fret. It’s pretty easy to retrieve them.

On the login page below the “Secure Login” button, you will find the link to retrieve forgotten User ID and Password.

Select the User ID if you have forgotten or select Password whichever is applicable.

If you have forgotten your User ID, here is the page that will open.

synchrony gap user id reset

Here on this page, simply enter your account number and zip code as registered in your account and click continue. Follow the on screen instructions to retrieve your User ID easily.

Remember that your account number is required without which you will not be able to retrieve your Gap Account User ID.

If you have forgotten your Gap Card Account password, select the password on the login page as mentioned above. You will land in the page as shown below:

gap card password reset

In this page, you will need to enter your User ID(must be known) and your zip code. Click continue, on the next page, choose a password and submit.

So by now, you should be able to login to your Gap credit card account without any problem. Once you log in, you can manage your Gap card as below:

  • Enroll for eBill
  • Easy payment of bills
  • View/download your account statement
  • Set up SMS or email alerts for any transaction

Gap Card Rewards & More

Gap Good rewards are available for every customer shopping at You can apply for Gap rewards membership one their website. This is applicable for both free and Gap Visa Card holders.

The benefits include –

  • Earning 5 reward points on every $1 spent across brands at for Gap Card holders plus
  • Get extra 20% OFF on your first purchase with your new Card
  • Earn 1 reward points for every $1 spent across brands at for free members (if you don’t have a Gap Credit Card) plus
  • Free shipping on orders above $50 for both membership
gap rewards program

Apart from above rewards, you also get a host of benefits at Gap good rewards program.

Family of Brands Bonus: Unlock up to 2,000 bonus points annually when you shop at 2 or more Gap Inc. brands.

2 Brands = 500 pts
3 Brands = 1,000 pts
4 Brands = 2,000 pts

You also get quarterly bonus ranging from 125 to 500 points. What’s even better, as a card member, if you have achieved 5000 points or spent more than $1000, you can create your own sale day at 15% OFF.

You can also convert your unused GapCash to points. This is available for all memberships – free and card members.

It’s upto you to apply for a card or apply for free membership. Both ways you stand to benefit with Gap good rewards.

About Gap Inc. and Gap Credit Cards

Gap Inc. is a multi-brand online retail website in the Fashion and Clothing Industry. It was founded by Don Fisher in 1969 as a store exclusively for jeans to fit his size.

It eventually expanded to a much wider online retail in today’s time – popular among the next gen worldwide brands and design.

The Gap Credit Cards on the other hand, are mostly Visa Cards issued by Synchrony Bank or Barclays – a premier consumer financial services company delivering one of the industry’s most complete digitally-enabled product suites.

Currently there are no Gap mastercard available for selection.

Gap Customer Service

Customer service for Gap credit cards are provided by the issuing Bank – Synchrony. But if you are looking for customer service for Gap, then you better consult customer service are available for issues related to orders and returns, exchanges, shipping and tracking.

Their website has live chat for customer support. Alternatively, you can also called the official customer service number 800-GAPSTYLE (800-427-7895) available 7am to 1am ET daily.


We do not cover category specific offers of Gap. Our focus is more on site-wide offers and discounts in this article.

Anyway, we truly hope that you found what you came looking for. Not only about details to your Card login and managing it, you can troubleshoot your login problems. Then comes the unexpected Gap good rewards program which is available for everyone.

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