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Find Your Trainer Offer: Get $50 OFF on Your First Session

FYT Offer for new year 2024. Here’s the best opportunity for you to stay fit this new year 2021 with FYT. Covid-19 lockdown has pretty much changed our lifestyle. Health and Fitness are the new interest many people are involved in nowadays.

FYT Training

Find Your Trainer Offer to get $50 Off for new subscribers is here.


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Personal Training at Home or Outdoors

We all know that working out is not easy. It takes patience and consistent effort. Fyt’s personal trainers provide expert guidance and support designed for your goals, on your schedule, in the comfort and privacy of your home or building gym.

Get Started with FYT (Find Your Trainer)

Here’s how you can get started with FYT. Simple steps to follow.

Take the FYT Quiz

First off, there are few questionnaires you need to answer to get started. That way you can get the best match for your trainer.

Book your Session

Now this is where you take the step of commitment. This is where you can avail the offers above to help you save. You can choose to train at home or at a Gym and then make your payment.

Find your trainer - Booking Procedure

Personal Trainers starts at $29 per session. This is on the lower side if you check out the rates nationwide.

Why do you need a Personal Trainer?

Results Oriented: Working with a skilled personal trainer is the fastest way to achieve results. Simple as that. Your personal trainer will assess your current level, create customized training plans, choreograph every moment of the workout to ensure you’re being appropriately challenged – all while holding you accountable to your goals and motivating you every step of the way.

Efficiency: Most of us don’t spend our workout time efficiently (without a trainer?). Skilled personal trainers maximize every moment that you have dedicated to working out. Save time and remove a huge obstacle between you and success, get a trainer to meet you at your home, park or building – they’ll even bring all the necessary equipment!

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FOMO: You already know that the fear of missing out is a powerful motivator. No one wants to be left out because your body can’t keep up. You want to be able to do what you want, when you want to do it. Can you put a price on that?

Safety: If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, a personal trainer will help you discover your current fitness level and customize the right fitness plan for YOU. This personalized fitness plan will help you become stronger, healthier and fitter while ensuring correct form and progression for your body.


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