How To Get Vultr Free $3 Twitter For New Account Active ?

Free $3 for adding Twitter account. As we know that almost all other Vultr coupons were expired and inactive recently. So that, this is the only active promotion from Vultr hosting this month. At this event, you will have a chance to receive free $3 with your Twitter account

Vultr coupon free $50 for a new account. This is the latest Vultr coupon from Vultr provider, they offer many discounts continuously in this year. For now, the discount is much bigger, free $50 for new accounts, this $50 is valid in 2 months using

Vultr coupon free $50 for new account latest

Get $3 Free With Twitter Account

If you don’t have any account on Vultr, don’t worry, just simply register one here. Once registering one, you log in to your account and go to this promotion page, then the page appears like the image below

Vultr Coupon Free $50

In our case at the image, We’ve claimed all 3 items above so that the buttons become grey color. If you haven’t claimed it yet then the color is blue. Each item you claim, you will get $1 free

  • Verify your Twitter account. Press the button “Verify your Twitter
  • Follow @Vultr on Twitter. Press the button “Follow @Vultr
  • Tweet about Vultr. Press the button “Tweet

In order to get all $3 free, you need to do all 3 items above.

This event is limited applying for both old accounts and new accounts register at Vultr. You need to verify your new account by deposit via Paypal or Visa/Master first before receiving this promotion.

  • Free $3 with your Twitter account


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