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Pokemon Charizard is a first-generation Pokémon which has been or still continues to be many people’s favorite, sheerly because of its story. However, in Pokémon GO, it is not the most useful. Charizard is a Fire/Flying type Pokémon with a comparatively lower attack stat and stamina. And it can be safely said that Charizard will go down in the near future.

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An Overview of Pokemon Charizard

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With an attack stat of 223 and an overall rating of 2.67, this is not one of the best Pokémons to possess (although it is still better than many Pokémons). Being a Fire/Flying type, Charizard is doubly weak to Rock-Type moves. However, if you already have a Charizard, here are the things that you need to know.


Strengths of Charizard

  • Charizard has access to the two-bar Blast Burn. It is currently the best charge-move, and its best Fast Move being Fire Spin.
  • Being a Flying-type Pokémon, it can resist the Ground-type moves. Charizard is as well resistant to the fighting type Pokémons. It is doubly resistant to the grass and bug type ones as well.


Weaknesses of Charizard

  • Charizard is immensely weak to the Rock-type and Electric-type Pokemon.
  • The Fire-type Pokémons in the present meta are not the most useful due to several limiting factors. These Pokémons are not the best of defenders and certainly do not possess very high stamina. However, Charizard’s defense and stamina are way too low.
  • Charizard’s Blast Burn move makes it somewhat useful in the current game, but it will not be long that it will be outclassed by newcomer Pokémons like Heatran.


 Moves of Charizard

  • Its best fire-type charge move is Blast Burn.
  • If you compare Charizard’s Wing Attack with Air Slash, you will find that the former attack is better by a certain margin than the latter. Wing attack gives utility against the Bug and Grass-type Pokémons in case the weather is windy.
  • With the incorporation of Blast Burn, Charizard’s other moves like Flamethrower and Ember is more of trophies which are generally not used.
  • In case you place Charizard in the gym, the Dragon Claw will come handy in surprising attackers like Dragonite and Rayquaza.


Best Counters for Charizard


Tyranitar– Charizard is doubly weak to rock type moves. And Tyranitar being the best Rock-Type Pokémon can trounce Charizard easily.


Omastar– This Pokémon is a double-edged sword for Charizard. It is not only doubly resistant to the Fire-type attacks, but also is one of the best Rock type attackers, something Charizard is not immune to.


Golem– It is another rock type Pokémon that has an attack stat of 211. Both in the normal as well as Alolan form, Golem is a supreme counter for Charizard. With the exception of Dragon Claw, Golem is resistant to all of Charizard’s moves, and it is doubly resistant to its flying-type moves if it is in its Alolan form.


Kyogre– Kyogre being the water-type king, obviously has an edge over Charizard. With is massive damage dealing ability, it probably the only non-rock type Pokémon that is Charizard’s supreme counters.


Other Pokémons that form good counters against Charizard are as follows:










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