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About Juan Pollo

Juan Pollo Coupons is a well-known restaurant located in Southern California. It is basically a rotisserie chicken restaurant chain that specializes in Mexican styled food.

People love dining at this place because of how fresh, delicious as well as inexpensive the food is here.

You can taste Mexican food items like tacos, burritos as well as whole rotisserie chicken that comes with tasty sides like beans, salads and rice.

Juan Pollo is also known for its contribution to the revival of Route 66. The company has arranged Car shows, Annual Veteran’s Day Parades along with  Annual Christmas Toys Giveaways where Juan Pollo makes the highest toy contribution.

Brief History of Juan Pollo

Juan Pollo was founded back in 1984 by a native Californian named Okura. This man, having worked at famous fast food restaurants like Burger King and Del Taco, first decided to open a restaurant for char-boiled chicken on taking notice of the success of another Mexican restaurant called El Pollo Loco.

He opened his first restaurant at Ontario of California. But on further consideration, Okura decided that it would be better to plan a rotisserie chicken restaurant instead. And his decision worked out pretty great because the sales on first day of opening amounted to 165 dollars.

Later, after 2 years of operating the first restaurant, Okura opened the second branch at San Bernardino in California. Soon, his restaurants became extremely popular after a food critic from the esteemed newspaper San Bernardino Sun wrote a great review about their food.

Afterwards, Okura trained his employees to take over the restaurant on his behalf as owners and, just as he planned, the restaurants are now run by his former employees. Currently, there are 26 locations of Juan Pollo across Southern California as well as Colorado.

Okura is also known for building a museum in Southern California as a tribute to McDonald’s. In 1998, he purchased the land under which a branch of McDonald’s was formerly operated. After that, he relocated his office in this location and built a museum, calling it The Historic site of the original McDonald’s.

What you can get at Juan Pollo

The entree options at Juan Pollo themselves can fill your tummy. They have both hard shell tacos, soft tacos and burritos at extremely affordable prices.

For example, you can have a soft taco platter consisting of three tacos made of chicken, cheese, tomato and lettuce at only 4.99 dollars!

Besides tacos, they also offer rice and salad bowls for entrees, which mostly consist of chicken breast strip or shredded chicken with Mexican cheese and veggies, salad dressing or even tortillas.

For the main meals, Juan Pollo has options for 1/4  servings as well as 1/2  servings. The 1/2  chicken meal comes with chicken parts like breast, leg, wing and thigh along with two sides of your choice- all at 8.25 dollars.

The ¼ servings have two options: the white meal and the dark meal, both of which consist of chicken breast and wing or chicken thigh and leg with two sides of your choice at only 6.15 to 6.40 dollars! In addition, each of these meals come with complimentary tortillas and salsa.

Besides these, Juan Pollo also has options for Meal packs in mini, family or jumbo sizes, pricing between 18 and 48 dollars. The mini pack can feed 3 to 4 people with one whole chicken alongside 3 medium sized sides and complimentary tortillas and salsa.

The family pack will be able to feed 6 to 7 people with 3 whole chickens and 3 large sides with options of rice, beans and green or potato salads.

The jumbo pack is similar to the family pack but comes with extra large sizes or sides to feed around 10 people. So, it is clear that you can have tasty food at great prices and with value packs to feed your entire family or just yourself!

Juan Pollo also offers catering services that you can order by simply calling them up. Their catering includes three kinds of party packs that can feed between 20 to 60 people.

The first party pack for 20 people consists of 6 whole chickens along with quarter pans of each of the sides they have aside from the complimentary tortillas and salsas. All of this comes at only 119 dollars.

The second and third party pack are same in amount for sides, which is, half pan of each of the four sides that they offer. But the second pack comes with 9 chickens and is priced at 175 dollars while the third party pack comes with 18 whole chickens and is priced at 349 dollars.

Aside from all of this, in order to give back to their loyal customers, Juan Pollo has something called an EClub. This is a subscription offer where customers can apply to be a part of the club and enjoy different promotional discounts and receive special coupons as well as be the first to know about any new offers or money-saving deals.

Why Choose Juan Pollo

Juan Pollo is irresistible to foodies because of how amazing their chicken dishes are. Customers rave about how delicious the chicken is despite how reasonably priced it is. You can surely expect fresh food served hot to be devoured. Locals love to come to this restaurant to try their dinner specials. And to quote one of the regular customers, “The chicken with their rice, beans and potato salad is just to die for”.


Juan Pollo is undoubtedly one of the best Mexican restaurants for trying amazing rotisserie chicken in the area around Southern California. So, if you are looking for any good restaurants to try out tacos, burritos, or even good chicken dishes, if you are thinking about taking your family out to dinner, or if you are planning to have a party with tons of people to feed, be sure to head out to Juan Pollo for a mouth watering meal that will put a smile on everyone’s face!

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