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BPL Plasma Bonus & Coupons [MAR 2024]- Stunning Deals!

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As an additional BONUS refer a new friend/relatives and earn $15 right away after their 2nd donation. No coupons required!

**[All Coupons Valid Till the End of March 2024]

Caring about other people, contributing towards society, and building a safer better world- all these will be just empty words if you don’t actually go out and contribute in the slightest smallest way possible. And there can be nothing better than helping save lives. BPL Plasma coupons & bonuses help you do that and compensate for the time you spent.

BPL Plasma Bonus & Coupons [RECENTLY EXPIRED]

Use below-expired coupons & bonus offers for BPL Plasma to get on additional amazing benefits from your next donation at BPL center if its still working. They are kep under expired because we don’t test them anymore. Their validity couldn’t be assured.

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What Is BPL Plasma All About?

bpl plasma bonus and coupons

BPL Plasma is a part of UK based Bio Products Laboratory and has been a crusader in plasma collection for more than 25 years.

All their plasma donation and collection centers follow strict industrial guidelines and are FDA regulated. Donor and receiver’s safety is their prime responsibility and they make sure each step is fully secured.

Their safe and clean plasma facilities are staffed with friendly trained personnel who are committed to help donors on each step.

Wanted to make career while doing work that is impactful and meaningful? BPL Plasma is more than the best choice.

Besides contributing towards the greater good, their competitive packages and awe worthy employee benefit program will make it the perfect place to build up a career. Their employee benefit program includes a 401K retirement plan, paid time off, and health insurance. What more you could ask for?

How BPL Plasma Started?

Situated in Elstree in the UK, Bio Products Laboratory (BPL) started as a state owned company and as a part of the National Health Service. Established as a part of Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine in 1954, BPL moved to Elstree in 1902 after Lister purchased the site and continued operating there till 1978. It was given the present name in 1991 and became a part of National Blood Authority in 1993.

Currently owned by Creat Group and running as a commercial a commercial business, BPL supplies plasma and plasma derived products to NHS, as well as, to over 45 countries.

Why Should You Consider Plasma Donation?

By donating your Plasma, you are contributing towards building healthier and happier lives, as it is used in making high quality, high impact therapies possible for people in dire need. Plasma is the part of blood used as main ingredient in treatment of conditions, like bleeding disorder, immune deficiency, burns, and trauma.

Donating plasma can help a pregnant woman carry baby safely to full term, a wounded veteran recover and heal, a kid with hemophilia experience the joys of childhood and live a healthy life, or a burn victim to heal their wounds. Your plasma could be the LIFELINE for someone who is on to the losing end of hope.

And your safe frequent (in recommended frequency) donation is highly appreciated. It takes a large number of donations to meet the treatment needs of a single patient. To encourage, motivate, and appreciate for the generous help, BPL Plasma will compensate you. Regular donors are a hero to them and deserve the rightful compensation.

Donate Plasma and Win Money? How to Guide:

BPL Plasma is on a drive this May that lets you win money with each passing week of the month. All you need to do is donate. The more you donate, the more you win

The Step-it-up Raffle:

  • Enter into the step it up Raffle each time you donate plasma.
  • At the end of each week two winners will be chosen
  • The prize amount increases by $50 with each passing week.

Isn’t it exciting? Participate in the drive TODAY!

Earn via the Buddy System

The joys of living- donating towards a greater good, earning compensation, additional chance to win money, and then earning even more when you motivate your buddy to become a new donor. When you bring in a buddy as a new donor, you get to earn an additional $15 on your next donation. So get your buddies involved in the noble act and be a part of the donor ecosystem. As a reward, earn more money! It is as simple as that(highlighted above).

The usual compensation for New Donors and the Process

The first step will be to check eligibility of the donor. The donor must have:

  • Proper identification card
  • No history of HIV or Hepatitis
  • Clean skin without excessive tattoos or body piercing within the last 12 months
  • No history of cancer
  • Avoid prolonged residency in Europe
  • Not eat fatty foods 24 hours prior to the donation
  • No recent ingestion of drugs or alcohol

The process during the first visit is typically along the following lines:

  • All your necessary documents will be verified by a BPL staff member.
  • You will be given a questionnaire about your current health status and medical history. You need to fill in at the spot.
  • You will undergo a physical examination by a registered qualified medical professional.
  • Your photo will be taken for the records.
  • Blood sample will be checked for iron and protein levels.
  • After you fulfill all the necessary criteria during the screening process, you will be directed towards the donor room.
  • The donation will begin and the plasma component will be separated and stored from the sample. The cellular portion of the blood you donated will be returned to your body.

Congratulations, you have made your first Plasma donation and earned your first FEE! Post payment, do not forget to check with the BPL staff about your next visit. Set up a schedule with them. Usually, it takes 2 full plasma donations to help make a life saving medication.

For the exact amount of compensation you will be receiving, check with your local BPL Plasma donation centre. Click here to find a centre.


Stop procrastinating and schedule a donation appointment RIGHT NOW with your nearest BPL centre. Help save lives while earning the money you so need. Every donation, every help COUNTS!

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